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Ryx Skincerity

Ryx: Underarm (UA) Cream

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RyxSkincerity Underarm (UA) Cream

- A powerful mixture of Collagen, Japanese Angelica Root Extract, Glycine Soja Root Extract, Squalene Pullulan and Scutellaria Baicalensis extract to minimize and prevent skin pigmentation.

- It works effectively to lighten your skin and lock moisture to keep it hydrated, Visibly even out the skin and reduce skin darkening and discolouration. .

- Enriched with GLABRIDIN to penetrate the inner layer of your skin.

- This UA cream has a mild antiperspirant level. Based on experts, high antiperspirant levels may hinder the whitening effects of a product. However, some armpits are sweatier than others. So we advise that they use natural deodorizer to tame your sweat glands. .

FUN FACT: UA RESCUE CREAM can also be used on your nape and bikini area.

• Clinically Tested • Made in Japan • Japan and PH FDA approved • Halal Certified • GMP! • with health certificate from Japan Health Ministry