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Gluta-C: Intense Whitening Exfoliatiing Soap (with Natural Papaya Enzyme) 120g

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Gluta-C: Intense Whitening with Papaya Enzymes Face and Body Soap 120g
Intense Whitening and Anti aging. The unique and powerful blend of vitamin c and glutathione now enriched with papaya exfoliants is proven to be effective in ensuring Maximum whitening action Intensely lightens dark spots blemishes and eves out the skin tone resulting to a fairer and more radiant white . Gentle Exfoliating. Papain Enzymes gently lift away dead skin cells and accelerate skin renewal revealing younger smoother skin. It clears blemishes dark spots for more even and lighter skin tone. Advanced Skin nourishment these antioxidants progressively slow down the oxidation process which is the primary cause of aging. helps renew damaged skin and fosters a noticeably healthier youthful glow.

Directions for Use: Use as a regular face and body soap lather into the skin and then rinse for best results use with Gluta C body lotion with spf25 whitening toner facial day cream with spf25 and facial night serum.