Connecting with the Filipino Community: Sharing Stories, Empowering Businesses, and Embracing Uncomfortable Conversations

Connecting with the Filipino Community: Sharing Stories, Empowering Businesses, and Embracing Uncomfortable Conversations

Hey there! Have you ever felt the desire to connect with a community that truly understands your experiences? Well, you're in the right place. Welcome to our blog at The Modern Binibini, where we strive to bridge the gaps within the Filipino community. Our blog is not just about sharing stories and celebrating local businesses; it's also a platform where we tackle those uncomfortable topics that need to be discussed.

Connecting through Stories:

Stories are the lifeblood of any community, and we believe in their transformative power. Through our blog, we aim to bring to light the diverse narratives of Filipinos from all walks of life. From tales of personal triumphs and overcoming challenges to stories that showcase the vibrant spirit of our culture, we want to create a space where every voice can be heard and celebrated.

Empowering Filipino Businesses:

The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep within the Filipino community, and we want to shine a spotlight on the incredible businesses that deserve recognition. Our blog serves as a platform to showcase the exceptional products and services crafted by Filipino entrepreneurs. By supporting and promoting these businesses, we not only uplift their success but also contribute to the economic growth and empowerment of our community. Together, we can break the stereotypes and showcase the world-class quality that originates from the Philippines.

Embracing Uncomfortable Conversations:

Let's face it—there are certain topics that make us squirm in our seats. But it is precisely these uncomfortable conversations that hold the potential for growth, understanding, and positive change. Our blog dares to dive into these taboo subjects that are often overlooked, such as mental health, toxic beauty standards, and socioeconomic inequality. By creating a safe and open space for dialogue, we hope to challenge societal norms, break down barriers, and foster empathy and acceptance within the Filipino community.

Come along and be a part of our journey as we dive into captivating stories and connect with inspiring individuals. Together, let's embrace the richness of our heritage, empower one another, and embrace the beauty of our shared experiences.

Thank you for being a part of The Modern Binibini. Let's connect, inspire, and make a positive impact together.

Who We Are 

We're Jas & Faith!


About Jas:

Jas's upbringing spanning the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and Canada has had a profound impact on her life, creating a multicultural journey that has shaped her into an adaptable and versatile individual. Drawing inspiration from the values, traditions, and perspectives of each country, Jas has crafted a distinctive worldview that embraces the richness of diverse perspectives. Her worldview is a beautiful fusion of these rich cultural influences, a testament to the power of embracing diversity and the transformative nature of multiculturalism.

Jas's heart beats with the joy of dancing and singing, echoing the vibrant Filipino spirit that runs deep within her. Not only does she find pure delight in the art of movement and rhythm, but she’s a total foodie too! Whether she's savoring a mouthwatering Filipino dish or diving into the diverse food scene in Canada, Jas's taste buds are always up for an exciting adventure.

Jas is a force to be reckoned with in the business world. As a visionary entrepreneur, she established her own successful marketing company and passion projects. One of her passion projects is TMB, which was started in 2019. Originally focused on bridging the gap between overseas Filipinos and Philippine products, Jas's dreams evolved to encompass empowerment through deep conversations, questioning the norms, and giving a voice to the unheard. Motivated by this realization, she embarked on a new mission to create a platform for these important dialogues.

She believes that beauty goes beyond physical appearances and is a reflection of one's inner strength and confidence. Jas encourages everyone to embrace their unique identities, celebrate diversity, and challenge conventional notions of beauty and success.

About Faith:

Meet Faith, the co-founder of this platform. With a unique blend of Filipino and Canadian heritage, Faith is driven by a deep passion for connecting communities, sharing stories, and making a positive impact.

In addition to overseeing the business, Faith has found fulfillment in helping others in their fitness journeys. With over a decade of coaching experience under her belt, she has dedicated herself to supporting and guiding individuals towards their fitness goals as a personal trainer and MMA coach.

Faith is a passionate advocate for embracing discomfort and trying new things. Recently, she embarked on an exciting journey as a content creator on YouTube, where she pushes the boundaries of her comfort zone by taking on a variety of fitness challenges and venturing out into new places. 

Fuelled by an entrepreneurial spirit, Faith aspires to establish multiple small businesses, each with a greater purpose. Her ultimate goal is to create a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing about positive and lasting change, uplifting the lives of those in need. Her passion for nonprofit work was sparked during a transformative year spent volunteering at an orphanage in the Philippines. Inspired by this experience, Faith plans to return and continue her work alongside the community in the future.

Through this platform, Faith aims to connect with the Filipino community, embrace her heritage, and create a space where stories are cherished and celebrated. By bridging cultural gaps and promoting understanding, Faith seeks to empower others and create a ripple effect of positive change.


Join the TMB community and together, we'll create meaningful connections and celebrate the richness of Filipino culture!

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