Philippine Heritage Month

Philippine Heritage Month

Every year on June 12th, Filipinos around the world come together to celebrate Philippine Independence Day. It's a day filled with joy, pride, and a deep sense of community. 

Why We Celebrate

Philippine Independence Day marks the country's liberation from Spanish colonial rule. The Philippine Revolution, led by heroes like Bonifacio and Aguinaldo, began in 1896. On June 12, 1898, General Aguinaldo declared independence. However, the Philippines then encountered a significant challenge known as the Philippine-American War, which prolonged the road to full independence. In 1962, June 12 was officially named Independence Day. It's a time to honor our heroes, remember their sacrifices, and celebrate the incredible spirit that defines us as Filipinos. 

Today, Philippine Independence Day is marked by various ceremonies, parades, and cultural festivities. It’s a time when Filipinos worldwide come together to honor our heritage, express our patriotism, and celebrate the progress we have achieved as a nation.

Filipino Achievement 

One of the things that makes this day special is the opportunity to recognize the remarkable achievements of Filipinos in diverse fields. Whether it be in the arts, entertainment, science, sports, or entrepreneurship, Filipinos have made significant contributions on the global stage.

In the realm of arts and entertainment, our talented actors, actresses, singers, and dancers have mesmerized audiences worldwide with their exceptional performances. From the enchanting voice of Lea Salonga to the breathtaking storytelling of Filipino filmmakers, our artists continue to leave an indelible mark.

In the field of science, Filipino innovators have made groundbreaking discoveries and advancements. From the remarkable achievements of Filipino scientists in various disciplines like medicine, astrophysics, marine biology, and engineering, our nation's intellectual brilliance shines brightly. 

Filipinos also excel in sports, where our athletes have brought honor and pride to the Philippines. From the boxing prowess of Manny Pacquiao to the excellence displayed by Filipino athletes in basketball, swimming, weightlifting, and more, our sportsmen and sportswomen continue to make us proud.

Moreover, Filipino entrepreneurs have showcased their creativity, resilience, and business acumen, successfully establishing Filipino-owned businesses both locally and globally. 

On Philippine Independence Day, we gather as a global Filipino community to celebrate our achievements, honor our diversity and talent, and draw inspiration from the remarkable accomplishments of our fellow Filipinos. Even though Filipinos are scattered around the world, it's incredible how we manage to find a Filipino community in almost every corner. This rings especially true for us here in Vancouver, where we proudly belong to a thriving Filipino community. On June 11th, we were fortunate to be a part of an amazing event called Kultura. 

Vancouver Community: Kultura

Kultura is an extraordinary event that showcases the rich and diverse Filipino culture through talented entrepreneurs, singers, dancers, and artists. It’s a celebration of the traditions, artistry, and creativity of the Filipino people. From the captivating performances to the vibrant displays of Filipino entrepreneurship, craftsmanship and cuisine, Kultura creates an immersive experience that allows everyone to appreciate the beauty of Filipino culture. It’s an event that fosters a sense of pride, unity, and appreciation for our shared Filipino identity. We consider ourselves truly lucky to have been part of this event, where we had the opportunity to meet and connect with countless inspiring individuals.

It's incredible to witness the outpouring of love and pride from our fellow Filipinos during this time. It's incredible to witness the outpouring of love and pride from our fellow Filipinos during this time. We see the Filipino flag displayed proudly, exchange of hugs and selfies taken with family & friends, as well as heartwarming messages of solidarity.  We feel the warmth of the community, even from afar. So, on Philippine Independence Day, let's raise our glasses (or halo-halo cups) and toast to celebrate the vibrant culture, the enduring spirit, and the incredible sense of unity that defines us as a people. Together, let's embrace our heritage, honour our history, and keep the Filipino flame burning bright. Happy Independence Day, mga kababayan!

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